Hi, I’m Scott Webb. Welcome to this exploration into neon pictures of mine. I’m mainly a London Ontario architectural photographer, but I enjoy challenging myself with small side projects. These side projects promote me to explore my creativity in a new way and encourage me to dive deeper into photo editing. This experiment with neon colors and playing with the light is also a great way to simply tap into my imagination too.

Where my neon obsession will take this website, I don’t even know.  My initial vision is to explore, curate, share, and create photography and photography resources around neon pictures. After all, shooting neon style portraits is something new to me and I hope you can learn and be inspired just as much.

The images to the right are where my interests seemed to begin, but there are a bunch of photographers inspiring me to explore this path for fun. The big inspiration to create neon portraits is from Brandon Woelfel, a photographer I learned of via YouTube videos teaching how to edit images like his.

Neon Pictures early inspiration
Neon abstract architecture art - Toronto City Hall - 2016
Neon colors and abstract architecture art - Early 2017

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