Neon Photography Aesthetic of Brandon Woelfel Documented by Peter McKinnon (with tips)

Neon Photography Aesthetic of Brandon Woelfel Documented by Peter McKinnon (with tips)

Peter McKinnon has captured the rare Brandon Woelfel in his natural habitat creating THE neon photography aesthetic he’s known for shooting and making it trendy.


Quick Summary of Tips for this Neon Photography Aesthetic

In the video, Peter McKinnon provides us with 5 tips for shooting neon photography, essentially forming a bit of a tutorial. But, a tutorial you actually want to keep watching. All those neon colours. I couldn’t look away.

Of course, I’m not going to go in depth on these neon portrait tips (Peter goes on about each), but I will share the list:

  1. Find ambient, organic, external light sources to style your photos. You must start to be hyper-aware of your surroundings. Don’t have neon signs around? You’ll be surprised.
  2. Make use of small accessories and miscellaneous items. Example: A prism
  3. Choose and shoot around the same time of day
  4. Always keep yourself and your model in motion
  5. Shoot very underexposed at a low ISO and shoot every single day.

Finding Your Own Look and Style

The tips to get into making neon pictures from Peter and Brandon are awesome. It’s especially great that Brandon likes to share such information with everyone.

If you’re inspired, you must give these kinds of portraits a try. You need to explore and experiment with the tips and tricks of the video. The point is that you’ll never be able to copy Brandon Woelfel’s neon pictures exactly. As you shoot, you’ll begin to deviate and your photos will be your own. Ignore any haters if you experience any. There are so many tweaks you can make to come up with your own look, style, or theme.

Spend 30 minutes brainstorming little things you could do differently for each of the 5 tips in the tutorial.

Thank You Brandon Woelfel and Peter McKinnon

Huge thank you to both of these guys for this video and tutorial. They each have over 2M followers on social media and many people will learn more about neon photography.

We need this video because it’s going to lead to more creativity and derivatives.

What do you think? Did you learn anything from the video?

Is this the first time learning that ‘neon photography’ is a thing these days?

Drop a comment!

header photo via unsplash
featured photo credit: chesterwade via unsplash

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