Hello Neon Picture Fans!

Hello Neon Picture Fans!

Welcome to a place on the internet that is for amazing neon pictures.

On Neon Pictures, you’re going to find the most inspiring and helpful neon-related content. This is mainly intended to become a curated resource for banging neon photography inspiration, tutorials, discoveries, and anything to keep you continually informed in this exploding style of photography.

I’m Scott and I find this style of photography to be fascinating. I’m an architectural photographer, but love to experiment with other genres of photography to stretch my creativity every once in a while and if I ever have time. One day, I got an idea to start collecting resources to help me learn more about neon portraits. I wanted to share what I create and learn but needed to do this on a different website than my architecture photography work. As someone that loves transparency and the process, I didn’t want to simply hoard the information and inspiration I was finding.

Dedicated to Neon Pictures

Why not create a site dedicated to creating neon pictures and allow anyone stumbling upon the site to benefit too.

To begin, the plan is to post a weekly digest of inspirational neon pictures and the theme will change from week to week until we all figure out a theme we all like the most.

Every 2 weeks, there will be some type of content to help you in your own work. Eventually, I’d like to see interviews and features with ‘neon photographers’ so we can all learn something from them. Or, perhaps photographers would be interested in doing guest posts and discuss their work or a specific neon-related topic.

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Live Colorfully!

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