Neon Wall Lights at Indigo
Good Vibes Neon Wall Light

Neon Wall Lights at Indigo

Something new this year is the neon hype. Is neon a trend or will it stick around now, kind of like the consistent pineapple popularity?

Regardless, living in the now, we’re seeing decent accessible neon lights. I noticed that Indigo is selling a number of different neon wall lights this year. Your’s truly even bought one that says Good Vibes. And it’s actually pretty cool. Don’t think you’ll be able to shoot neon photography like Brandon Woelfel from one of these, but everyone is welcome to try.

Neon Wall Lights Currently Available (and on sale)

Good Vibes Neon Wall Light
Good Vibes Neon Wall Light. At the time of writing, this light is 50% off.


Neon Wall Light - Eyes
Neon Wall Light – Eyes


GRL PWR Neon Wall Light Indigo
GRL PWR Neon Wall Light Indigo – 61% off


Neon Wall Light - Cloud 67% off
Neon Wall Light – Cloud 67% off


These neon wall lights from Indigo are great lights to introduce neon into your world. I love the Good Vibes neon light in my office. They started out to be quite expensive, but all of these wall lights are on sale now. They’re so underpriced while they last now.

Neon Wall Lights Make Working at Night Better

The thing I like most about these neon wall lights? Working late at night in the office is much more enjoyable. I love bright neon LED lights but these neon signs are quite the addition.

If you’re on the hunt for some affordable neon sign lights for yourself, give one of these a shot. My favourite is definitely the “Good Vibes” sign. If I was a girl, I’d be all up on that GRL PWR neon pink sign too.

If you’re in the USA, these signs become ridiculously cheap due to the currency exchange too. I’m so jealous of that!

Have you spotted any awesome Neon Wall Lights?

If you’ve spotted other neon wall lights that are dope and still affordable, let us know!

We’d love to share them too.

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